In the luxury sector of the Marbella property market it is understandable that time and finances are normally invested in the aesthetic design of a swimming pool for private villas. However, it seems somewhat senseless to invest in the architectural concept of a house and not pay consideration to how the outdoor or indoor pool looks. It is also important to contemplate the environmental impact the intended swimming pool will have on the planet, not only during the building phase, but also into the future. At the initial planning stage, thought is given to every area of the build, the intended pool’s day to day use, and the general maintenance that will be undertaken in the years ahead. All areas required in the construction of the pool provide opportunities to consider eco friendly options for materials, working methods and power sources. Contracting a respectable building company that follows environmental building practices is essential so that every material used in the build can be sourced ethically, making sure recycled and recyclable materials are used where possible. An immediate and obvious move towards being sustainable, is the idea of a salt water swimming pool rather than the traditional chlorinated version. Salt water plunge pools in particular have become a popular environmental option recently and they are also seen as a chic and stylish addition to a modern Marbella villa. Plants, stone and sand can be used as water purifiers rather than chemical treatments, which utilise chlorine and other products that are harmful to our health and the environment. These natural materials emulate the filtration that takes place in rivers and this kind of organic structure will create a micro-ecosystem of its own. The use of solar power to operate the pump system required to filter the water in the pool works fantastically well in countries like Spain where the weather is consistently ideal for this environmental resource. Used together with sustainable technology to power heaters, keypad controls and automatic cleaning systems there are remarkable savings to be gained. Applying eco-smart thinking and engineering to every area of the construction of a private swimming pool will not only reduce the amount of chemicals and energy used, but creates a healthier environment and provide significant cost savings for the many lengths to be swum ahead.