IDDOMUS is known on the Costa del Sol for working successfully with buyers and investors to build dream villas in Marbella and other prestigious locations in the surrounding area. Our speciality is the creation of unique modern properties that offer a perfect living experience, and we are committed to providing every guarantee to protect our clients during the building process and after.

The collaborative IDDOMUS work method ensures that the process is as enjoyable as possible and our commitment to warranty provides the peace of mind idealistically required by any buyer or developer.

It is extremely important when embarking on a construction project that there are professional guarantees in place that will safeguard financial investments and the quality and safety of each build. When working with IDDOMUS our clients are assured that we go well beyond the minimum requirements of Spanish construction laws and have implemented essential working practices to provide additional security.

We have the confidence to offer the most comprehensive building warranties available in the Marbella region today and a property carrying the IDDOMUS marque of quality will add value and protect any investment.

IDDOMUS properties are always subjected to the highest quality inspections by certified international organisations such as OCA ICP and SOCOTEC. These surveyors issue detailed reports for our clients and every phase of the build is certified before any invoice is raised, providing transparency and accountability at every stage. We commit our payment schedule to the quality of the work we deliver, which ensures our clients only pay for what has been successfully completed.

Crucially the IDDOMUS guarantees exceed the ten-year structural warranty required by Spanish building regulations and every property is delivered with a three year overall certificate for premises, installations and technical maintenance.

IDDOMUS provides extra insurance by working in the following ways:

  • Design, construction and completion are managed through one company ensuring one party is responsible for every aspect of the build
  • Every property is constructed to Northern European standards using only the highest levels of workmanship and quality materials
  • Every phase of the construction process is certified by leading external quality surveyors SOCOTEC
  • Turnkey delivery is assured with the highest warranty guarantees currently available in the building sector
  • We only use top brand suppliers, equipment and materials

“Nothing is left to chance. The IDDOMUS project guarantee is the ultimate commitment to your peace of mind.”